Country Leadership

Western Indian Ocean Coastal Challenge, led by the Republic of Seychelles, will mobilize the political will necessary to achieve the goals committed to in the existing Conventions and Strategic Action Plans such as the Nairobi Convention, Convention on Biological Diversity and UNFCCC.

While Mr. Wills Agricole, Principle Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Republic of Seychelles is acting as President of the WIOCC since the Second Regional Technical Meeting in Seychelles 2012, the Hon. Ronny Jumeau, Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing State Issues, was endorsed as first Champion for the WIOCC.

Country Focal Points

To support efforts to operationalize the WIOCC, each of the interested Governments of the WIO and East Coast of Africa have nominated a designated National Focal Point to represent their Government in relevant meetings and activities by sharing direction, guidance and perspectives on strategy, planning and making progress towards achieving the vision of the WIOCC.

Download the list of National Focal Points.

Communications Working Group

The Communications Working Group is responsible for providing guidance to support implementation of the WIOCC Knowledge Management and Communications Strategy. The Working Group will:

• Provide feedback and review the knowledge management and communications strategy and associated branding/visual idetity if the challenge;
• Formulate, review and refine key messages and communications materials including contextualizing messages for their country;
• Build the necessary relationships at targeted levels of Government to achieve the broader objectives of the WIOCC, including identify champions of the WIOCC and existing networks and communications channels in the region;
• Actively identify ways to share and disseminate messages and materials within their country and the region including sharing press releases with in-country media;
• Share new research and information relevant to achieving the vision.

Membership: The WIOCC Communications Working Group is made up of at least one representative from each WIO participant country and at least two representatives from the WIO-C.

Support Partners

WIOCC has received funding from the European Union to support mobilization of WIO country level engagement through the Indian Ocean Commission ISLANDS Project.

The Indian Ocean Commission ISLANDS Project with the funding from the European Union has supported coordination of each of the Regional Technical Meeting as well as undertaken various studies in support of the WIOCC including scoping of sustainable financing mechanism, resource mobilization opportunities, governance options as well as the formation of the communications working group.

The Consortium of the Conservation of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO-C) is a group of NGOs in partnership with Inter-governmental organizations that support synergy in programmes of work on marine and coastal ecosystem management and promote knowledge sharing. The WIO-C will provide technical support to the WIOCC.

The African Biodiversity Consultative Group mission is about tackling complex and dynamic conservation challenges by catalyzing collaboration, and tapping the best resources from across a continuum of conservation organizations towards balancing development and biodiversity conservation goals. ABCG's objective in the Western Indian Ocean includes undertaking stocktaking exercise to identify gaps, opportunities, and lessons learned for marine and coastal resources conservation and management, including climate vulnerability and adaptation.

The Global Island Partnership (GLISPA), co-chaired by the Presidents of Seychelles and Palau, promotes action for island conservation and sustainable livelihoods by inspiring leadership, catalyzing commitments and facilitating collaboration. GLISPA will continue to promote the WIOCC throughout its network.